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Giuseppe Mauriello: Yesterday Richard MacManus, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of, posted an interesting article entitled “5 Reasons Why Web Publishing is Changing” (you can read my excerpt here:
Mr. MacManus then posted another insightful article. In the first part of it, he writes again about the new wave of publishing services (Medium, Branch, Svtle and 

But in second part of article, there are some key points that caught my attention suggesting me the title of this my curated post:
“Information Diet And Quality News: The Need Of Trusted Curators”


[Excerpt from first part]

“…this new crop of services is less democratic than what came before.

…The reason why they’re restricting access is because of a drive for quality. Rightly or wrongly, these companies have decided to tackle the Quality problem by creating gated communities.

…We don’t know what the effects of these new gated communities will be, but the whiff of elitism is unsettling.”



Here are below the key points that I excerpted from the important second part of article:

“Over 2012, the number of services to consume content from has expanded dramatically. This is putting even further strain on our already over-taxed capacity to keep up.

But most people don’t need or want to consume that much content. So for the rest of us, here are a couple of simple guidelines:

1. Make choices about which social media services best suit you and ignore the rest.


2. Focus on content that is important to you:

Resist the temptation to click on those links and apply quality control to what you read.

Topic-based organization of content…

(not only organization, I add also human beings as me and other fellow curators)

…is easier with these new publishing tools, which is great for readers. You’ll be able to follow topics that interest you – and disregard others. It is of course good to be eclectic and open to new things, but topical browsing helps focus your reading.


Learning to Swim in The Stream:

More content, streams of data, topic structures, (theoretically) better quality…

Our advice is to choose your content sources wisely, apply your own quality control, try and focus on topics of particular interest, and dip in and out of the stream as it suits you.”


Read full original article here:

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