I LOVE sweet potato fries, so when I got an email coupon this morning announcing Wendy’s new Sweet Potato fries, well.. it was time for lunch.. Did I say that I love Sweet potato fries? We bake them with a little chipotle seasoning and they are delicious.

I ordered the sweet potato fries (pictured here), along with a small chili, and gave them a try. They came with a packet of Vanilla honey dipping sauce (took a small taste and that was too sweet for words- but no High fructose corn syrup), skipped that. 

Took a bite of fries and.. Wendy’s you disappointed me. I do love your natural fries for an occasional treat, but the sweet potato fries were disappointing. Perhaps the thickness of the fries along with whatever oil is used made the difference, but they didn’t taste like sweet potato, or much of anything, except perhaps the cooking oil. Oh well, it was worth a try. 

Your mileage my vary, I didn’t finish them, need I say more?